Ohmami Streetfood
food & drink
graphic design,  identity

Miltos, driven by his passion for street culture and a love of good food, founded Ohmami. The brand is targeted towards a youthful demographic, including students and individuals with a hearty appetite for burgers. A collaborative effort resulted in the creation of a unique logo and visual identity to effectively convey the brand to the public and distinguish it within the Kastoria market.

The color we choose is black to conveys a sense of power and sophistication, while green emphasizes the use of fresh and healthy ingredients. White adds a touch of purity and simplicity, balancing the boldness of black and the freshness of green. These colors work together to create a memorable brand that appeals to customers looking for high-quality street food.

We use a few photos from MisterEight Photography.

We are glad to see our project picked from Design Rush as The Best Burger Branding Examples on Best Designs Trends